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Lengthgauge FRM 43

The lengthgauge of the type FRM 43 is a gauge that can be added to several different springcoilers. It regulates the springlength over a pitchmotor in case of a length difference. The regulation is not done in increments as usual it is regulated continuously to the setup absolute length of the spring. With this regulation the production is controlled and brought to an optimum of accuracy. The gauge has a built in watchfunction that stops the coiler automatically in case of trouble. Different probes are available to optimize the measuring system: either a capacitive contactless probe with testplate diameters of 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 mm can be used or an inductive contact probe. Both probes have identical geometry and a micrometer adjustment facility. The contact probe usually is used for special large springs.
The gauge has the possibility to store the testvalue so that the difference of the springlength to the idela value can be displaied. Three sizes of sorting chutes are availavle as well as an universal probeholder.

Lengthgauge MRS 2 with statistic display

The display shows:
- last 25 values in continuous diagram
- all good values in histogram with 9 bars between tolerance borders
- absolute difference to specified length
- number of produced good parts
- number of remaining parts until end of job
- number of bad parts and bad parts in percent
- speed of production
- running time and expected remaining time of production
- statistic functions with print possibility

The sorting chute is activated when a tolerance border is overrun.
Tolerance borders and number of sorting classes are put in by keyboard.
Length regulation by servo - motor (24 VDC).
Watching the number of successive bad parts.

Display: TFT- 12,1 inch
Speed: 400 values / min can be tested