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Storage hoppers

Provision of parts for feed systems of bulk goods of all kinds

Storage hoppers with electromagnetic drive

VB-20 Up to 20 litres, max. 10 kg
VB-40 Up to 40 litres, max. 25 kg
VB-80 Up to 80 litres, max. 50 kg

The bulk goods are tipped into the storage container. A control unit adjusts the desired conveying rate by means of an electromagnetic drive system. The storage hopper can be automatically switched on or off by a contents level monitor in the feed system.

Additional equipment:
- Control unit
- Contents level monitors for feed systems
- Base frame for the storage hopper

Conveyor belt

Conveyor belt with storage hopper

The springs are filled in as bulk material. The springs move proportioned to the conveyor belt and move to the top.

Beltwide 240 mm
Belthigh 2000 mm
Storage hopper high 900 mm
Capacity approx. 80 litres, max 80 kg