Tension Tester WG 7A

The tension tester WG 7A was developed to check the load of tension springs on WAFIOS tension spring machines (ZO types ...). As soon as a spring is pullud to the testlength on the coiler a contact triggers the load measurement. The load measurement is delaied by a predefineable delay to aviod testfaults caused by vibrations of the spring. The tested value is stored and the sorting chute changes from "too low" position into the sorting position that depends on the defined tolerances and returns after a predefineable delay back to "too low" position. This is essential because if a spring is not placed correct on the hooks on the machine it falls always into the "to low" box. The tolerance borders can be set on number switchs.

A machine stop is caused by:
- number of good springs in the presetable good spring counter is reached
- the number of bad spring in serie is reached
- optional switch that controls the mechanical test of the spring and stops the machine immediately if there is a spring not tested.

The tester is available with different loadcells and load ranges.